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Goutham (Kalyan Ram) is an investigative journalist who enjoys off-roading, spending some time with his adoring fiancé Megha (Shalini Pandey), blow off covers corrupt politicians and these. 1 particular night, in a specific room in a hotel, he dreams of Aadhya (Nivetha Thomas), a woman he's never met before. He sees her being crushed up damn by goons and wakes up in a perspiration. When he's the specific fantasy 6 months afterwards; in exactly the exact same area in the hotel, he decides to dig deeper to figure out whether she actually exists. In doing this, he uncovers a conspiracy that goes past a lost woman mourned by her daddy.

To reveal more would be an insult to all of the knots Guhan along with his personality Goutham carefully untie, one by one, by the time that the climax rolls. Is the movie thrilling and with no distractions? Yes. Does this possess a gripping enough narrative? Sure. However, 118 sure has its share of flaws and unrealistic cinematic liberties shot, all brushed under the rug with a tight screenplay by Guhan and stupendous editing by Tammi Raju, such as that 1 shard of damn glass that the protagonist finds in the movie. The 1 amount the movie has, written by Shekhar Chandra just takes the story forward rather than proving to be a deterrent. The audio composer does a fantastic job setting the mood with all the BGM. Guhan does a stupendous task of jumping into the center of chaos, rather than wasting time with niceties, and it can be a refreshing movement. The sole exception is that a fight scene initially which appears to be placed in for the sake of it.

Nevertheless, the real hero of the narrative is Nivetha Thomas who produces a stupendous performance from the restricted screen-time she's. Jr NTR wasn't fooling around when he stated he'd shed a tear after viewing her in the movie through 118's pre-release occasion. She breezes through her character, hiding the series, particularly in a specific scene which requires her to reveal heart-breaking grief.

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram also has improved, in contrast to a few of his previous endeavors. And while he can flounder at particular important scenes, his operation remains always great for all part. Having a personality like his, it is really easy to think he is meandering on the edge of insanity, unless the performer decides to convince the viewer that the need to locate this woman from his fantasies. And Kalyan Ram does that.

Even though Shalini Pandey's chemistry with Kalyan Ram is really off-the-charts, it is a puzzle why she is in this particular tale. Her personality sadly has nothing to do other than love the protagonist, send generic lines to egg him on this trip and tag along on his experiences. In a movie which needs you to spend in its personalities, hers just does not invoke any emotion out of you. Additionally, it does not help that Shalini Pandey provides a strictly okay functionality.

No matter the cracks from the narrative and overlooked logics, see this one for your own edgy storyline. But be warned; don't attempt and dig too deep in it, for you could just lose out on a nice thriller that attempts to deliver over the typical heroics.
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