Is She Raju? Film Review

Revolves around spiteful personalities, trying to make it into the tv sector in their twisted ways. Their stories intertwine with Raju (Aditi Bhagat), that manages the pre-production of TV serials, along with a struggling screenwriter Madhav (Ansh Gupta), causing a bizarre story of friendship, love and vengeance.

Random characters present themselves vanish without a trace. It starts off with two carefree gate-crashers that barge to Raju's celebration, and therefore are designed to strip and clean dishes once captured. In another scene, the sex-crazed spouse of a dishonest filmmaker flirts with her renter Madhav, who's subsequently kicked out of the home. Such fragments of unrelated stories drag until a significant throw of the film is finished, and you desperately attempt to create sense of everything. The abrupt background songs simply increase the distress.

Once the plot eventually unfolds, disgruntled characters team up to undermine the connection of Madhav and Raju, who had been just trying to break the monotony by introducing fresh story-lines from the TV market. Afterwards, all of the professional and personal differences are put aside, and such lovers reconcile with the assistance of the very same antagonists.

though the performances by a number of the celebrities were rather decent, they couldn't glow on account of this weak screenplay. It appears like the movie's screenwriters were trying too difficult to play it safe, for they stuck . From a richly promiscuous spouse to a sleazy author and from transphobia to distressed celebrities being hauled into pornography movies, everything which has been done to death in the name of cheap humor premiered within this movie. Overall, you will have a lot of reasons to cringe or laugh at their own cost.
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