Kosrakollikal Film Review

Similar politics are being played by Sreekuttan and Anwar to woo their childhood friend Mina. Will they figure out how to get her without damaging each other?

Kosarakollikal is bogged down with too many cliches and a predictable narrative. Director Jayan C Krishna has a great deal of things to talk about and that he tries hard to put everything together in two hours. Is it possible for you to talk about environment, religious fanaticism, politics, corruption and above all a romance in one film that is expected to have a start, middle, a climax and an anticlimax?

Sreekuttan and Anwar are childhood buddies, who have love-hate relationship. The duo lives on a little island in Kerala and are both quite socially concerned. They love the same girl, Maina, who's their childhood friend. Even though the war between the two for Mina is underway, we also see the different colors of the people of the island. There are the greedy ones that conspired to make the island a tourist spot, there are tainted political players, you will find guys who believe the island could be filled with waste bags from town and obviously, in addition, there are men who think women are just objects to locate their happiness.

It's quite tough to limit the storyline of the film in just a few paragraphs since it reminds one of the expression, jack of all trades and master of none. The movie speaks about anything and everything under the sky.

The technical factors, acting and management of the film are not commendable.

The movie teaches us a lesson on filmmaking, essentially to focus on just 1 element and to do homework on the story. Or else it'll be a different'Kosarakolli' in Malayalam cinema.

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