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A cat-and-mouse match involving a vertical young cop and five offenders make the plot

They declare that it is about Soorasamharam at which Lord Velan will be removing the enemies. Kathir plays with Kathiresan, a youthful upright authorities, who thinks in beating the pulp of rowdies to allow them to confess to crimes. Though he's chided by his exceptional because of his competitive character, nothing affects him because he's not someone who's doing it only because he's young. According to his coworkers, it is his second character. In addition, we come to see that his girlfriend played with Srushti Dange from the first couple of scenes itself. But there aren't any significant romantic scenes or music to divert the speed of this narrative, and her function is also quite limited.

Kathir and his family's life become trouble after he outsmarts a bunch of criminals and saves the life span of a kidnapped child, with his sharp mind. While he conserves the youngster, 1 child from the group, who's physically challenged gets murdered. While they're ruthless to each other individual and the sole reason for them to move to some extreme is to generate income and settle down, they mourn the departure of the gang manhood quite pathetically. The viewer may even begin sympathizing with them thinking about police highhandedness from the first few scenes.

On the other hand, the second half becomes a boring watch together with the villain attempting to finish off Kathir's loved ones one by one. After some time, the offenders get so callous along with the gang leader struggles Kathir's friends and their family too.

His mannerisms and behaving bring from the ominous feel quite nicely. Kathir is agile and seems his role. Even though it seems he's taking a minute before he begins emoting in virtually all scenes, he excels well in actions scenes. Ponvannan because Kathir's daddy does a fantastic job.

Naveen Nanjundan on his directorial debut can set up the narrative quite fast from the first half and also the main reason for Kathir becoming a rigorous cop. It can not be denied that the movie has particular suspense and twists components here and there. However, the story is very predictable except for its long-winding and at times dull scenes in the second half. Considering that the Koothu team functions as narrators, there's absolutely no suspense, the crowd must just think about in how the protagonist and his buddies on a single side, along with the protagonist and his accomplice on the opposite side will perform their plans.

The boy that behaves as Suja Varunee's accomplice is very refreshing, particularly when he transforms sides. He's in his element during the past half an hour of the film.

The film's background score does justice to this genre as well as the camera work. If the plot was somewhat tighter, it ought to have made to get a sharp thriller.
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