Promotions / Priyanka said - Smriti came to Amethi 16 times in 5 years, Irani said - I am happy keepi

• Priyanka said- People of Amethi will not support any leader who considers them a beggar
• Speaking of memory- Priyanka should also tell that where Amethi MP (Rahul Gandhi) is for 15 years

Amethi. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Union Minister Smriti Irani were in Amethi for campaigning on Sunday. Meanwhile, Priyanka said that in 5 years Amethi came only 16 times in memory. Not even in Amethi Iranians are happy to say that they (Priyanka) are keeping track of my Amethi coming. But he is unable to tell people where the MP (Rahul Gandhi) is there for 15 years from here. Priyanka should also tell the people about it. Voting is on May 6 in Amethi.
Priyanka also said that sometimes they share shoes here, sometimes saris The people of Amethi are very proud. People will never support such a leader

I do not know about BJP nationalism '
Priyanka targets Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP over the issue of nationalism. He said, "I do not know about BJP's nationalism, but they (Modi) are not ready to listen to complaints of farmers, youth, women and others. What kind of nationalism is this? When thousands of farmers bare feet came from all over the country to your door and you did not listen to them. Do not hear the poor, false promises are made from youth, what is patriotism? "

He said, "Nationalism means winning the confidence of the country and people." When people of the country are worried, will they not be dishonest with them? "Priyanka accused Modi of promoting casteism.
I do not know which caste are Modi-Priyanka
The Congress general secretary said, "I do not know about the caste of prime minister. The opposition never spoke in this manner during the election. Particularly Congress leaders are raising issues of development only. We did not want to know their caste nor did we make any personal comment, but what did they do? Modi has reduced his stature by using the 
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