With the pen of AB De Villiers / our focus on winning the remaining three matches

• Royal Challengers Bangalore 8 points, 8th in the table
• Increase pressure on the team, but the team's players succeed in keeping the atmosphere cool
Bangalore's MG Road in India is known for the problem of large traffic jams. However, the Indian Premier League (IPL) issue table in the league phase is also less consistent. Compared with crickers, mathematicians and statisticians are more sensible in terms of data and predict potential positions and equations beforehand.
Delhi may have a tremendous trump card

1. Our focus is on winning the remaining three matches. We can still make room in knockout. The team's focus is on the entire match against Delhi Capitals in Ferozeshah Kotla on Sunday. Pitch spinners are expected to be helpful, it means that for us, Yuviwinder Chahal will play an important role

2. It is even more important after the returning to Moin Ali in England, especially in the rhythm. The pressure on the team is increasing, but we keep the environment cool. The whole team decided to relax and enjoy the tournament. Coach Gary Kirsten and captain Virat Kohli also supported it
3. Now we are enjoying plenty of play without fear. We are working hard. There is no doubt about this. But now we are enjoying the smile on our faces. Now we are fighting and now we are enjoying fighting.
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