The story of the struggles of the Struggle / TV Stars

Umesh Upadhyay / TV Desk There are many stars in the world of television, who, through hard work and perseverance, have achieved a place here bypassing the struggle. Today, everyone is seeing their brightness, but the stars behind their flashing stars themselves tell themselves.
Money ended, then faced many hardships - Human Gohil
At a young age I started working with studies. The first job was of office boy. After that, the business of the clothing business started with marketing jobs in the export house. Then started doing a little modeling. Seeing my stature, the sister-in-law filled the form of Man of the Gujarat.Man of the Gujarat won in February 1998, then go to Mumbai in a place where there is a model, and a photo of me in any billboard or magazine is printed. With this motive, came to Mumbai with a deposit of 40-45 thousand rupees. In the town, there were 5-6 boys staying in the guest house, for which Rs 2000 was given per month. Gradually all the money was lost in a few months, and then faced many difficulties.

In the compulsion started the theater. Gradually the small rolls started rolling. During this time, adventure-based travel shows found on Panki street on Host Channel V.

When Ekta Kapoor's show story was found in the house house in 2000, then the actor went on to create awards, rewards, house, plot, car with popularity.

There is no such person who can say that he is not staggering - Ali Asghar
According to my opinion, there is no such bell, which can say that he is not straggling. . I had nothing to do with acting. Accidentally Acting Started.

Was 15 years old, then Doordarshan's serial was called for a two-three-four. Went there and got selected. It's a matter of 1985. After this work got work from work.I have been in the industry for 35-36 years, but have not made their portfolio till date. I consider myself lucky, that the office-to-office was saved from running.

One-and-a-half years of struggle - Zain Imam
There is a lot of conflict in the life of the actor and he keeps on running. From Delhi to Mumbai five years ago, the struggle for the initial one-and-a-half years was very high. Here, when you do not have a roof to stay, you are eating rate hikes. There is a need to go to audition in place. Morning goes out, then come only at night. Here people are living with friends and they are always looking for a house. It is very difficult at that time, even when there is no money to get home.Before coming to Mumbai, earning a little cash by working in American Express Company, so that we could fill a six-eight-month stay in Mumbai. Despite this there was no money in hand.
After being sad every day, myself had to handle herself - Srishti Jain
I have disposed of the Young Age that comes in the acting field. But my family was against my decision. Two years started to convince him. At the age of 16 started auditioning.
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