Top 20 Places in India You Must See - 2

Top 20 Places in India You Must See - 2

  • 11. Backwaters of Kerala

The God's own country supplies the very best experience to get, drifting around the brackish lagoons and lakes together with the Arabian Sea shore. The Kerala backwaters are made by five big canals, lakes, rivers and pay nearly half of the country with water.

Kerala backwaters host as National Waterway to get backwater cruises to connect number of cities, cities and easing freight motion and backwater tourism. The lakes are among those important attractions of Kerala and home to unique species of aquatic animals and creatures reside together with the backwaters lagoons.

  • 12. Exotic Beaches of Goa

Goa, the smallest country but quite full of tourism and famous for its beautiful beaches,world heritage architecture and worship sights. Exotic beaches of Goa are well-known on the planet for its liberty and exceptional in its own manner.

The magnificent beaches in Goa would be the significant attraction of tourist together with the restaurants and civilization of the area. Aside from white-sand shore, Goa is also known for owing abundant fauna and flora together with the Western Ghats range.

  • 13. Snow Clad Mountains of Manali

Himachal Pradesh provides among the very best snow tour of the nation and host a number of the very adventures winter sports like Heli-Ski, Snowboarding and Skiing.

The Spiti Valley and also the west coast valley of Himachal is the most popular snow place in India to see.

  • 14. Forest of North East

The black and dense woods of North East countries occupies 25% of India's total forest and insure the most seven sister states of India. There are 51 kinds of forest found in the north east area classified as deciduous woods, semi arid,wet evergreen forests, alpine forests and temperate forests.

These woods offers 7 important National Park and home to 10,000 species of flowering plants and endangered species of creatures together with vulnerable species of creatures.

  • 15. Temples of Bhubaneswar City

Bhubaneswar also called city of Temples or temple town of India for much more then 600 variety of Hindu temples. The Kalinga Nagari is the capital town of Indian country Orissa and regarded as one of the cleanest and greenest town of India.

Bhubaneswar together with Puri and Konark are home to a number of the most well-known Indian temples like Lingaraj temple, Mukteshwar Temple,Duladevi Temple, Konark sun temples and Puri jagannath temple. Bhubaneswar is the only town with devoted temple into the Great Trinity"Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh" these are Brahma Temple Bindusagar, Gandhi Garabadu Precinct Vishnu Temple and The Lingaraj Temple of Fantastic god Lord Siva.

  • 16. Trek to Valley of Flowers

Monsoon season is your ideal time to see flowers valley and trek through the hills to extended carpet of blossoms.

  • 17. Tranquil Hills of Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is a gift of woods situated in Dindigul district in Palani Hills in Tamil Nadu. The mountain city is blessed with dense woods, Cascade Waterfall,beautiful meadows and Pillar Rocks. Tranquil mountain area is also called Princess of Hills with amazing spots of attraction like tranquil river,Dolphin's Nose, laid backyard and giant stone columns.

  • 18. Araku Valley on Eastern Ghats

Exquisite Araku valley is a hill station in Andhra Pradesh and residence into unique tribes. Araku valley is the most amazing portion of valley at the Eastern Ghats famous coffee plantations and the majority of the area are yet to research.

  • 19. Colours of Sea in Kanyakumari

The Cape Comorin or Kanyakumari is located at the confluence of three amazing water bodies that the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. Kanyakumari is the prized Jewel of the Oceans and among those holy site for Hindus because of Kanyakumari Temple among those 52 Shakti Peetha in India.

In accordance with the weather varies and sunlight location color of those 3 seas get changes so.

  • 20. Tea Gardens of Darjeeling

Darjeeling, the Queen of the Hills is situated at foothills of amazing the Himalayas in southern India of the West Bengal state. The big tea farm area also called tea gardens of Darjeeling is one of the significant attractions of this city together with lovely flora, experience sports holiday hiking and trekking.

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