Gujarat cyclone 2020 news

Gujarat cyclone 2020 news

Gujarat is grappling with the Koro crisis. There is news that another crisis is looming over Gujaratis. The storm is likely to hit coastal districts of Saurashtra on June 3, according to weather forecasting website Windy. Which could affect 9 districts across Saurashtra and coastal cities in central-south Gujarat.

Two hurricane threat, active in the Arabian Sea, after June 3 in the state
It may rain in the state after June 3, while Saurashtra may receive heavy rains
Gir-Somanath district may be the epicenter of the hurricane
Low pressure has developed in the Arabian Sea from now on

According to Windy (, a new cyclone pattern is forming in the western part of Gujarat in the Arabian Sea which may affect Gujarat on June 3. Circulation near Somalia and Aden in the Arabian Sea has caused low pressure. Which will create a hurricane. Rainfall forecast is also being served in Gujarat and Maharashtra districts after June 3 due to this pressure.


The hurricane can hit at a speed of about 110 km

If there is a hurricane on 3rd June, it may be in Gir-Somanath district of Saurashtra. Gir-Somna will be the focal point of Gir-Gadha village of the district and Gir forest. With this, more impact can be seen in the surrounding Porbandar, Junagadh, Amreli, Rajkot and Bhavnagar districts. The speed of the hurricane is expected to be around 110 km / h.


अरब सागर से आने वाले इस तूफान में 1 से 3 जून के बीच राज्य में बारिश होने की संभावना है। जबकि सौराष्ट्र के कुछ जिलों में भारी बारिश के साथ हवाएँ चलने की उम्मीद है। 6 जून को राज्य में एक और तूफान आने की भी संभावना है। लक्षद्वीप के द्वीपों के पास तूफान बन रहा है। 31 मई से शुरू होकर यह बेंगलुरु-गोवा-महाराष्ट्र के तट से होते हुए गुजरात तक आएगा। कोई भी गिर सोमनाथ जिले में टकरा सकता था।

The hurricane, which is coming from the Arabian Sea, is likely to bring rains to the state between June 1 and 3. While in some districts of Saurashtra, winds are expected to blow with heavy rains. There is also a possibility of another hurricane hitting the state on June 6.

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The hurricane is forming near the islands of Lakshadweep. Starting from May 31, it will come to Gujarat via the coast of Bengaluru-Goa-Maharashtra. Any Gir could collide in Somnath district.
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